Hermon High School Concessions Season in Full Swing

By Halie Jackson, Lexi Meeker, and Grace Page, staff writers / 01/02/2020

Looking for community service hours while helping the school and the community? Concessions is for you!buttery-cinema-concessions-date-night-276119.jpg


Every year a concessions table is a set up, where snacks such as popcorn, hotdogs, chips, pretzels, candy, and drinks are sold. Concession snack prices range from $.50 to $2.00. The students who volunteer will be selling these items to local friends and family as well as supporters of the other team. The concession business is run by each class, all students are encouraged to help out and support a good cause. Basketball fans also look forward to the reliable treats!



Varsity basketball home games are where concessions take place, see future dates below:

Girls Boys
JAN 4 3:00 PM JAN 4 4:30 PM
JAN 16 7:00 PM JAN 9 7:00 PM
JAN 18 1:30 PM JAN 18 4:30 PM
JAN 24 7:00 PM JAN 25 7:00 PM
JAN 31 7:00 PM FEB 1 2:30 PM
FEB 3 7:00 PM FEB 4 7:00 PM
FEB 5 7:00 PM FEB 6 7:00 PM


Hermon High School lobby, located between the school store book closet and the JROTC room.


Students will earn community service hours while having time to communicate and bond with other classmates! These events are important to the Hermon community, therefore it is a beneficial way to show your support. The senior class oversees the production of the concession season and each class take turns operating the concessions table at home games. The money made is then divided between classes to help pay for class activities, prom, and graduation. It is important to help to support your class and those other classes!


Students can earn up to 4 hours of community service per game for participating in concessions.

If you are looking to sign up to participate in concessions, contact Mrs. Garbe in room 110, Mrs. Biehn, OR your class advisors. (Freshman: Mr. Garbe & Mr. Adams, Sophomores: Mrs. Parent and Ms. Shapiro, Juniors: Ms. Trenckmann & Mr. Stahl, and Seniors: Mrs. Garbe & Mrs. Biehn).

By participating in concessions it’s beneficial to the volunteers and the community! It is helpful for everyone coming to the games for the convenience of food and drinks, and getting hours for doing this act is worth it.

Hermon Hawks Football: Senior Night Recap

By Travis Spell, Staff Writer / 12/05/2019

Senior night is a very special moment in high school sports because it takes time to recognize those seniors who devoted so much time and effort into their respective sports. All of those hours spent preparing and getting better do not go unnoticed, and they bring teammates together by working out together in the off season.

“As an athlete walking out onto the field and looking into the stands, seeing your family and friends there to support you, can be an emotional roller coaster, ” said senior football player Ian Facella.

This night is bittersweet because everything seems to flash before the player’s eyes, and they can reflect on all the years they have been playing this sport; it marks the end of a long road that they and their brothers started together.

Seniors Gabe Diaz, Marco Vera, and Ian Facella all agreed that through the past 3-4 years they have become very close because they have been through so much together and accomplished great things as a team.

After finishing this game there will obviously be things athletes miss, and when asked about this Gabe Diaz and Marco Vera said that they miss, “Coach Gallant, spending time with teammates, and the team atmosphere.”

Football is such a special sport that is unique from others with the fact that you can tackle people without getting in trouble, but the bond is like no other. Every sports team is a family, but being a part of a football team and spending all of those hours together makes senior night that much more special.

Hermon Hawks Football Finds their Identity this Season

By Travis Spell, Staff Writer / 10/15/2019

The 2019 Hermon Hawks varsity team is currently 4-2. After a tough season opener loss to the Hornets of Leavitt in a very hostile environment that had parents and fans screaming all night long the Hawks returned back to Pottle field to prepare for their home opener against Waterville. The team put on an impressive showing in what was an easy victory to go 1-1 on the season, the following week they were back on the road to Rockland to face Oceanside.

Head coach, Kyle Gallant said, “The season started out rough, but we are getting better and better each week.”

IMG_0547 (1).JPG

The team has a mix of experienced and inexperienced guys on the field and the team is trying to find their identity. Gallant highlighted that some freshman have made big plays but also make freshman mistakes such as not being able to defend the pass very well or making tackles. 

When we compared the differences between this year’s team and last year’s team Gallant said, “last year’s team was very experienced and had guys in positions that they have already played in. This year, there are new guys in new spots and others that haven’t played at the varsity level yet are now stepping up to the challenge to try and help out as much as they can.”

The seniors on the team do a good job at giving their time back to the community, and the team is willing to lend a helping hand to each other. On the field the offensive shows spurts of what they are capable of doing but hasn’t been very consistent yet. Along with that, Gallant said, “We take our capability for granted and we don’t play to our fullest potential every game.”

Some goals Gallant had for the team at the beginning of the season were, Win a state championship, be committed to the cause, and play Hermon Hawk football. Things have definitely changed since then, because the goals are now, continue to get better, learn how to be gritty and fight for what you want, learn that not everything is handed to you and to obtain what you want you have to fight. Gallant added, “We have to start with the goals now to make it to the goals we started with.”

The Hawks traveled to Rockland to face Oceanside and barely escaped with a triple overtime win. After that nail biter the Hawks returned home once again to face the Nokomis Warriors in what was a fairly easy home win but the following week was a struggle when Bucksport came into town for homecoming and gave the Hawks some struggle and handed them their second loss of the season. 

Coach Gallant preached to the boys all week that they were going to find their identity and finally start playing real football and that is exactly what they did with a very impressive road win against Mademok.

The 4-2 Hawks will travel to the 5-1 Winslow Black Raiders for the battle of 1 and 2 in the conference this Saturday.